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Staub X Unrush Festival at Utopia Bay

29. July - 01. August

Mediterranean Coast, Turkey

limited & private event & 100% Covid-legal


Craving the combination of sea, nature and music? The Berlin collectives Unrush and Staub team up with Parallelwelt for an extended weekend of techno, ambient, body work and explorations from 29. July - 01. August 2021. This time, at a beautiful secluded beach on the mediterranean coast near Fethiye in Turkey.
Unrush was founded in 2016 and has the vision of combining music, composure and contemplation in our fast paced world. And Staub has always had a main focus on music. That's why we think this combination of these two and our audience can create something unique.
Each day, we present techno and ambient sets, yoga practice, meditations, or even a shamanic sessions. You can decide what you need for the day. Or have it all!


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ATTENTION: Hygiene & Covid-19 Refund Policy

Events are legal and no PCR Test are required to enter and leave Turkey.

A comprehensive hygiene concept will be observed in our event. We have a wide space and all activities will be outdoor.
We work 100% legal.

We're watching Covid-19 travel restrictions closely. Flights between Turkey and EU are currently going as scheduled with no disruptions.
Participants from abroad may be asked to provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test result prior to boarding their flights. Tests can be administered conveniently on the event location, hospitals in Fethiye, or at certain airports, such as Istanbul or Antalya, for €30
Our event venue offers safety due to its open-air orientation, and location in a low population density coastal area.
If the circumstances change and we're forced to postpone the event due to new travel restrictions etc. ticket holders will have the option to either get a refund or use their ticket for the next event.

1/About the Location

Our venue, a private and secluded camping facility next to a beautiful beach, is located near the booming coastal Turkish town of Fethiye, 30-minutes away by car.
It's a truly dream location on the footpaths of the ancient Lycian way.
The facility has the essential infrastructure, offering accommodation options ranging from basic to luxury, as well as 6 different areas :
Avalon (main floor) 
El Dorado (secret forest floor)
Shangri La (restaurant & bar) 
Beach Front 
Yoga & Meditation Platform
Fire Pit

 2/ Activities

Your quest will include International DJ acts · Live Music · Yoga · Healing & Wellness Workshops · Trekking (Lycian Way) · Guided Meditation · Rapé Ceremony · Dance Meditation · Sound Healing · Fire Pit Percussion Circle & more...
- Day 1 · Prelude:
First steps into our self-discovery journey
- Day 2 · Odyssey:
A day dedicated to wellness, exploration & a boat party with DJs
- Day 3 · Celebration:
Let’s Celebrate life together through dancing and music
- Day 4 · Epilogue:
One last act to unwind and relax


Our event is very familiar with a maximum of 500 tickets
Included in Tickets for 660€
- 4 Days Festival 
- Accommodation in your own tent 
- Breakfast & dinner buffet
- Drinking water & tea all day
- Activities & Workshops
- Boat Trip 

Bookable Extras:
(paid in cash during check-in) · Premium Accommodation: Superior Tent, Private Room, Deluxe Bungalow (subject to availability; in limited quantities, prices ranging €20 - €50 extra per person per day) · Optional Activities (e.g. Paragliding, Scuba Diving) · Airport Transfer
After you RSVP we will give you the contact to book extras.

4/Getting There:

The recommended option would be flying in to Dalaman Airport and from there getting our privately arranged transfer directly to the venue (90 minutes, €50 for up to 3 people). 
The second option is flying to Antalya Airport (where cheaper and direct flights may be available), but from there one needs to take a longer bus ride (4-hours with our private shuttle service, €100 for up to 6 people). 16,66€ each

5/Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Festival opens its doors from Thursday 1pm.
  • Tickets / Wristbands: Your valid ticket will be exchanged for a wristband at the entrance (no tickets will be sold at the door). This wristband is not transferable. There will be controls on the festival area and those without wristbands will be expelled. 
    • Adults only: Even when accompanied, persons under the age of 18 will not be admitted to the festival grounds.
    • Pets: No admission for dogs or pets: do your loved ones a favor and leave them with friends or family.
    • Accessibility / wheelchairs: Bar, restaurant, toilet facilities and some rooms are barrier-free. However, due to natural conditions which consist mainly of rocky hills and trees, we would like to point out that it can be problematic to access the camping, dance floors and beach areas with a wheelchair. 
  • How much music will there be? 
    • On Thursday, Friday and Sunday there will be music from 2pm till 11pm / midnight. On Saturday night the musical program will extend till sunrise. 
    • Please note that it's not allowed to play your own music within the facility.
  • What is there to eat? 
    • Breakfast and dinner, which will be served buffet-style, is already covered by your ticket. Additionally, there will be an à la carte menu at the restaurant for lunch. We will cover different tastes ranging from vegan food to meat-based dishes.
    • Drinking water will be provided for free all day at the restaurant and bar areas. Tea will be provided during the breakfast and dinner hours also for free.
  • What about toilets and showers? 
    • There will be showers and toilets available free of charge in common areas. Additionally, bungalows and most rooms have their own private bathrooms.
  • Car passes / campers:
    • Car passes are not available. However, you can leave your car or camper in the parking lot, which is located right next to the facility. 
  • Refunds, resale and assignment of tickets 
    • You can 100% refund your tickets till 4 weeks before the event or in the case of corona based cancelations. 
    • Please note: We can only guarantee the authenticity and validity of tickets purchased directly through our website. Your ticket is assigned to your name and resale is prohibited. You can contact us in order to assign your ticket to someone else.
  • Awareness & Rules
    • Hygiene: Let’s stay healthy. Bring a mask, keep a safe distance, wash your hands often and use hand sanitizers. Make sure you look over our health and safety guidelines.
    • Swimming: Please swim only at the designated swimming spots. There will be a lifeguard to help you in case of emergency. Bathing at other places is possible, but at your own risk.
      After it gets dark: It’s not allowed to swim; and if you are going to the beach area to chill, make sure that you’re not alone for security reasons.
    • Social Media and Photography: Absolutely no posts with photos or videos from our event on social media until the event is over. Using professional gear (such as SLR cameras) is not allowed. 
    • Drugs: If we see anyone consuming or selling illegal substances, we will immediately remove them from our premises. Furthermore, dealers will be reported to the police.
    • Respect the Environment: Collect your own trash and cigarette butts. Leave no trace behind. No confetti, no fires (except in the fire pit and BBQ area), no fireworks / flares / sky lanterns!
    • Respect Your Peers: No speakers allowed within the facility, not even small ones. No noise near the accommodation areas between 1am and 1pm.
    • Brought-in glass containers are prohibited on the entire premises. Those who would like to dance barefoot should be able to do so without worry.
  • Cash & ATMs:
    • The payments for bookable extras (premium accommodation, private airport transfer etc) are due during your check-in to the facility. 
    • Please note that only cash and Visa / MasterCard is accepted for extras (e.g. EC card doesn't work) and the nearest ATM isn't quite close.
  • Markets and brought in food / drinks: 
    • There is a small market nearby (5-minutes drive away). There are larger supermarkets 30-minutes drive away. 
    • You can enjoy the food and drinks you brought-in with you at your room or tent. However, these are not allowed in the beach, restaurant / bar areas or at the dance floors. 
  • Packing ideas: 
    • Yoga mat, face mask (covid); insect repellent spray; tent / sleeping bag / camping gear (in case of no premium accommodation); sea shoes / trainers or shoes suitable for basic to moderate difficulty trekking (for those who want to participate to guided trekking); sunscreen / after-sun cream; hat / sunglasses / swimsuit / (beach) towel; power bank; hand fan; ear plugs; water bottle; hand sanitizer; tissues / wet wipes; personal medications / painkillers; rucksack; shampoo / soap
  • Lost & Found
    • If you have lost something, please inquire at the reception. If it’s not found during the festival, you still have the possibility to write to our lost & found email address:
  • Getting There
    • The recommended option would be flying into Dalaman Airport and from there getting our privately arranged shuttle directly to the venue (90 minutes, €50 for up to 3 people). 
    • The second option is flying to Antalya Airport (where cheaper and direct flights may be available), but from there one needs to take a longer bus ride (4-hours with our private shuttle service, €100 for up to 6 people).​
Still question -> write us an mail to or ask one of our hosts directly Mareen, Irakli oder Goldj :)





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